Tonight’s attraction 😍 (at Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse Adelaide)
1st Oct 201422:42
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MIDNIGHT STUDIOS Autumn/Winter 2014-15

Director: Alexander Bortz
Styling: Shane Gonzales
Editor: Shane Gonzales
Assistant Editor: Jake Osmun
Model: Jacuzzi Simmons

Music by: In Trance 95

How can you measure..? #2years❤️
I think it is ¡
24th Sep 201410:34
23rd Sep 201418:31
Bidhan Berma @_berma featured on! Check him out    wearing the “THE HOOD IS WHERE THE ART IS” Hoodie On the site in an article where he speaks on his struggle with finding like minded people he could also ethnically relate to! FOLLOW @baldassarreclothing #baldassarreclothing #canculture #poetry
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En Noir x Gap Sept. 30th… 

Opaque  by  andbamnan